Classic Group specialises in the classic vehicle, bike and tractor market, involving Classic Cars, Memorabilia, petrol pumps, petrol globes and Oils for all classic vehicles. In addition we stock many metal signs of various subjects to suit all interests.

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Classic Oils and Grease

Classic Group are specialists in the range of oils and greases specifically for classic vehicles and bikes. We use the Penrite Classic Engine Oils and Grease in a range of premium mineral, multigrade, full zinc, low detergent engine oils designed specifically for petrol and diesel fueled classic cars, trucks and motorcycles. Our experience in choosing the right product for each vehicle has been gained over a number of years in the sale of such products both in the UK and New Zealand. Each product is described separatley with prices. You can order via our "enquire now" section. When you select this option you will be directed to complete order detaiols - name, address, phone and items wsh to order. Classic Group will reply with confirmation of price and stock. Payment is made direct to our bank account which keeps the cost down instead of card payments. TO VIEW PRODUCT SELECT "READ MORE" OR PICTURE TO DISPLAY ITEMS OF INTEREST.

Classic Car Oil Range

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Classic Car Grease Range

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Gear oils

A range of mineral and synthetic oils.
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Various additives for classic vehicles
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Racing Oils

Racing oils for competition and high performance vehicles,racing cars and bikes. Uses full synthetic, ester and zinc to provide maximum protection.
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Bike oils

A range of 4 and 2 stroke mineral / synthetic oils
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